Don’t Confuse The Two #575

by Sue Hawkes

Consumption is not the same as engagement. 

Are you ready to get back to meeting in person? If you said, “Hell yes!” I’m in your camp. I’m also a big fan of meeting online effectively. I’m looking to an integrated approach as we move into 2021. 

Our world is messy right now. We are emerging out of the pandemic at our own paces and with our own concerns. Those who’ve fatigued completely of Zoom will be in for a surprise when it doesn’t go away. 

Your clients, employees, vendors, partners, and friends are all weighing the same costs and benefits you are regarding online and in-person meetings. While nothing is the same as meeting in person, especially for those of us who haven’t done so with any frequency for over a year, online serves us well. 

Don’t rush to your answer when thinking of the impact for which approach makes sense on a daily basis. 

Part of the problem with most people’s disdain for online meetings is they participate as consumers, not creators. When you show up out of obligation, it shows. 

Some questions to ask yourself after a year of a hybrid world moving to an integrated world: 

  1. Do you have good lighting, a decent camera and an external mic? If not, why not? We’ve been at this for over a year and those who have made little to no effort often show up to online meetings the same way.  
  1. Do you have a space to meet that looks professional, if not, can you find or make one? Your bedroom may not work long term, can you add a background?  
  1. Show up. Contribute like every meeting is your meeting. Prepare, ask questions, and participate like it matters instead of doing your email, chatting with others on DMs or texting people. If you want to know where fatigue comes from its lack of participation or care. 
  1. Stand up if possible. Take breaks and move between meetings. Keep them to 45-50 minutes and you’ll be in better shape all day. 
  1. If you’re going to multitask anyway, skip the meeting. Everyone knows and it shows. You’re not doing yourself or anyone else a favor being there. Be where you will give 100% of your attention and thrive. 

We have more than enough consumers in the world.  

Watch what happens when you show up online or in person present and engaged. The medium won’t matter nearly as much. 

Sue HawkesDon’t Confuse The Two #575