Savor This Thought #580

by Sue Hawkes

The world is fortunate to have you.  

What if we all believed this?  

How would we greet each other, meet challenges, work through concerns, explore differences, wake up each day and try things? 

When you greet the day with a solid belief in yourself, the world shows up to meet you there. 

How do we remind one another when we forget? 

How can we catalyze the best in ourselves and open that with everyone we encounter? 

Savor this thought – I saw it on an advertisement and the power of this thought impacted me fully.  

As my wise friend @AnnElliot says “Do what you can with what you have where you are. There is work to do that only you can do. No one else has the experience you have; no one else has the talents you have; no one else is in this time and space you are. If you do not do this work, it will not get done.” 

Sue HawkesSavor This Thought #580