Weird And Wonderful Transition #583

by Sue Hawkes

It’s a weird and wonderful time in the world. We’re reemerging and able to spend time together again, which is interesting. 

For me, what’s wonderful is the energy, the connection and all the human pieces of being with others we’ve missed. What’s weird is many of us are sorting through what feels safe and doesn’t, how many people are too many, do you ask if people are vaccinated or not? Do you shake hands, hug, or elbow bump? How can we respect everyone’s comfort levels when returning to work and events? 

It’s messy. Maybe better said “meh – see.” 

How we decide what to add back in and how much, how often and with whom become more important as time passes. When we can keep the politics out of it and respect what feels safe for people on their terms, we will navigate this better.  

As we have more opportunities offered in the coming weeks, what will you do more of? What will you do less of? What will remain the same?  

These are questions worth revisiting as we move forward so we don’t simply swing the pendulum from one extreme to another.  

Moving consistently forward with intention is a worthwhile process. Consider what great looks, sounds, and feels like for yourself in your business, as a leader and in life. You can adjust as you go. 

Sue HawkesWeird And Wonderful Transition #583