The Doorway To Engagement #585

by Sue Hawkes

Are your people engaged?  

I hear people who are concerned with culture every day – especially as we navigate what our businesses will look like going forward whether in person, online or integrated.  

There are costs and benefits to each structure, and each presents new opportunities with our team. 

To ensure high performance, we have to ensure 3 things: 

  1. Psychological safety 
  2. Human connection 
  3. Shared Vision/a shared future 

It sounds simple, yet it’s not easy. Depending on the environment and the people involved, working through these three factors and keeping them as your primary focus will help navigate the changes along the way.  

Considering how to amplify the voices and talents of your team while asking better questions, inviting powerful conversations, and unlocking collective wisdom is the doorway to engagement. 

Sue HawkesThe Doorway To Engagement #585