One Small Step #591

by Sue Hawkes

James Clear hit it home for me last week with this one: 

“Most of the excuses I made… 

  • not enough time 
  • not enough money 
  • not enough knowledge 
  • not the right connections 

were just ways to avoid the real bottleneck: Not enough courage.” 

There was always a small step I could have taken—if I had the guts to take it. 

Sometimes it only takes a nudge, a push or encouragement. Sometimes it takes a 2 x 4 between my eyebrows.  

Regardless, I’m a work in progress and the illusions above need to be shattered. There is more than enough, can I access it? Am I willing to do the work?  

One small step. Let’s begin. 

Sue HawkesOne Small Step #591