Decide #593

by Sue Hawkes

Sometimes you just need to hear yourself say something out loud to get your answer. 

I was talking with a dear friend and savvy businessperson who reminded me of this today. 

As I described the situation I am experiencing, I noticed the clarity of events, mismatch of values, consistent evidence as a logical event. In other words, when I recapped what was happening with her, I could hear the misalignment of it all. The emotion was gone, it was a series of events all of which pointed to a clear outcome. 

Though I had done my journaling, thought through the details, and discussed some of the events with others, I had not consolidated the series of events and heard them collectively.  

The situation was clear, and I was validated in the actions I needed to take.  

I knew it was the right solution because I felt relief when I decided. 

Though the stories we work through before the decision are challenging, especially when they involve other people, once you decide, you experience peace and relief.  

This results in momentum for everyone involved.  

What are you waiting for?  


Sue HawkesDecide #593