What’s Your Recipe? #597

by Sue Hawkes

The peace of the morning is where I find my center. It’s how I begin the best of days. 

When I’m awake before the rest of the household, there is a stillness, a space, filled with majesty, contentment, silence and sacredness. 

I find gratitude, love, abundance and hope here. 

The beauty of the sunrise captures my attention and offers hope. 

The cloudy days offer focus and drive for work. 

The days I can wake, arise and be still with the morning are the days I’m at my best. I offer the world the best of me and gather beauty as I proceed. 

I begin my day fulfilled. 

We all have our own recipe for what offers the world the best version of ourselves. Do you know your own recipe? 

If not, we can help you create it. 

Sue HawkesWhat’s Your Recipe? #597