Comfortable Being Uncomfortable #599

by Sue Hawkes

“Get comfortable being uncomfortable” is a healthy guideline for participation in our session rooms.

It’s a way of working together that facilitates greatness when fully embraced by the people in the room.

No matter how many times I walk teams through this, I’m surprised at how it frees leaders up and grants permission to say the things they previously only thought.

While I’ve learned to “live” in this space, most people have not.

Asking questions, being curious and calling out the obvious communication (especially the communication not coming from your mouth – gestures, facial expressions, nervous habits, eye rolls, sighs and more) is one of the gifts we offer during our time together.

Many people are unaware of the countless ways they are communicating without talking.

When asked about it, most are startled and defensive.

Within just a few sessions, they transform and their comfort with discomfort increases, and the sessions become far more valuable.

When you remove all the superficiality and camouflage, the work gets easier while the team gets healthier.

What are you waiting for?

Sue HawkesComfortable Being Uncomfortable #599