My Work Is A Daily Gift #602

by Sue Hawkes

Great lessons find their way to me in everyday life. Some come from simple Pinterest quotes or what might appear to be otherwise dismissible platitudes.  

This week I had the gift of working back-to-back sessions facilitating the same purpose work with three clients who I am both a client of and facilitator for. When I say it was a gift, I mean it. I didn’t see it coming. The teams and their work mean so much to me it’s inspiring to witness them articulating the heart of who they are, what they do and why they do it. 

As someone who guides this kind of work consistently, I don’t take it for granted. Entrepreneurial teams invest their hearts and souls into their work. Their work is an extension of the honorable care they offer to make our world better.  

When I hear people “living their vision,” working like their lives depend on it (while knowing they don’t), tearing up over their core values, the impact they witness and the lives they touch, I am grateful to be a trusted partner in their journey. 

Loving what you do is a gift many people don’t arise to on a daily basis.  

I am grateful to do work I love with people I love on a daily basis.  

Sue HawkesMy Work Is A Daily Gift #602