Trust Your Gut #603

by Sue Hawkes

We’ve all heard the phrase “if it feels wrong, don’t do it.”  

The question is, can you catch yourself as you’re feeling “wrong?” Too often, I hear people express regret because they knew better. 

I had this happen recently as we had two events on the same day. I declined one, thinking we’d be happier not rushing around to accommodate both. As the day arrived, we attended our first event, and had time to make the second one work – but we thought it inconvenient and wanted to do other things.  

Ever been there?  

We knew the “right” answer was to attend the second event, we just didn’t want to. No real reason.  

We also knew the moment we felt badly about it, it was the wrong choice.  

We attended the second event. It was great. AND we were able to do everything we thought we’d have to give up as well. There was no stress or overwhelm once we did the right thing.  

Funny how that works. You always know. Trust your gut. 

Sue HawkesTrust Your Gut #603