Find Out #609

by Sue Hawkes

Finding peace in the day.  

Some days, you’re ready to quit. You’ve had enough and that’s it. Sound familiar?  

For me, whether I’m ready or not, I’ve found several things that will “right my world” the vast majority of the time. 

During the summer months, we take a pontoon ride. Yup, that’s it. It only takes a lap or two around our sweet little lake and my concerns fade, the music, silence or conversation takes over, and all is centered again. Nature, the way light dances on the water, the display of birds and their comings and goings as we putter along, the fish in the shallow water and the rocking of the boat – all calm my soul. 

Another is movement. It can be a walk, exercise, dance or taking care of things around the house, but it works. Sometimes it needs to be organizational – I have the need to win at something by restoring order – it works for me. I’m a control freak and order calms my brain! These are simple things, but knowing this prevents me from remaining within the chaos between my ears. 

What works for you? Do you know? If not, find out. It’s worth it. 

Sue HawkesFind Out #609