You Already Know #612

by Sue Hawkes

Time to think. 

It feels like a luxury, and yet, it’s where you can solve the toughest of situations.  

When you create space, the space reveals what you need to create.  

When searching for a resolution to “too many” great opportunities, clarity on what to say “no” to and what aligns with my vision for the future, I needed to pause and reflect.  

While taking thinking time to assess what each opportunity meant, what’s at stake, what exactly I’m saying yes and no to with each “no” and what exactly I’m saying yes and no to with each “yes,” clarity emerged. 

No single answer is one answer. Many answers follow and it changes the landscape. 

Is it aligned with the Intentionally Great future I imagine, or will it be a distraction, a shiny object, an off-road trip which pulls me from what I say I want? 

Slow down, it’s time to think. 

You already know your answer.  

Can you hear it? 

Sue HawkesYou Already Know #612