Pushing Yourself Further #616

by Sue Hawkes

Do you push yourself? 

Most of us don’t. I know I don’t. At least not in the domains that are challenging for me.  

This is why my clients who have graduated from EOS continue to have me facilitate sessions. Or they do a tune up once a year to ensure they don’t veer to far from the work we’ve done and the investment we’ve made.  

I often feel like I don’t provide as much value as I do to my newer clients, yet they say otherwise. 

It’s the same reason I work with a personal trainer for my health. Whether I feel like it or not, he pushes me to be my best, I don’t have to think as hard, I get better results and do better work.  

Having a coach works. Knowing someone is watching, asking, challenging and seeing you in your future “best” state makes you better. 

Is it time to push yourself further? 

It won’t happen on your own. 

Sue HawkesPushing Yourself Further #616