Let Me Remember #618

by Sue Hawkes

Mindset is everything. 

Tonight I had to work quite a bit of mental gymnastics to get myself out on the paddleboard. It was 84 degrees, low humidity, low wind, no bugs, and very few boats on a lake that looked like glass.  

I couldn’t have scripted more perfect conditions.  

Other than the time of day. It was 7:45pm when I got my sorry butt onto the board.  

Instantly, my world transformed, gratitude consumed me, I melted into the peaceful, quietness of dusk and glided through the water like running your hand over fine silk.  

An osprey dove for dinner and I watched as I embraced the evening. My world and my wellbeing transformed. Why did I have to “talk myself into” getting out here? It makes no sense. I am enjoying every minute. 

Except the long journey between my thoughts as I battled my own thoughts about not being active in the evening. 

My story is that of a morning person. I enjoy exercise most in the morning or at least before dinner. I’ve reinforced that thinking for years. I don’t have to work myself over to be active early in the day. 

Tonight, I interrupted some well-travelled neuropathways and shattered another illusion. It was worth it, and I’m better for it. Let me remember and practice again. 

Sue HawkesLet Me Remember #618