5 Questions For Competing Priorities #619

by Sue Hawkes

We all have competing priorities happen. How do you decide what comes first when everything seems important? 

Here is some criteria to help clarify, but remember, the best answer is to prepare, plan and bust up your own procrastination. Most of us believe there’s always more time. There is not.  

Ask these 5 questions in any order when your priorities are on a collision course: 

  1. Are these priorities revenue generating?  
  1. Are they time sensitive?  
  1. Are they mission critical for anyone on the team – will cause a cascading domino effect/delay? 
  1. Are these priorities deadline driven?  
  1. If so, check in with your team, IDS™ and hold each other accountable or negotiate – don’t assume it won’t matter. 
  1. Have you looked at your V/TO™, Goals and Rocks to prioritize? 

The best answer? Do what you’ve promised and let the challenge of overcommitting be a catalyst to change your ways. 

Sue Hawkes5 Questions For Competing Priorities #619