The Second Way #623

by Sue Hawkes

When you look ahead and see you’ve committed to a lot, maybe too much, do you recognize what that does to your thinking? 

I do. 

For me, what I notice is there is momentum toward stress created. It’s subtle at first, then it seeps into my thinking more consistently, which informs my feelings. They follow and grow into some form of anxiety which flows into my mood. 

It’s never just for one moment, it’s for many. Then it accelerates into a semi-permanent filter which I now see ALL things through and it cascades into a negative mood. I don’t know about you, but I’m less productive, less resourceful and less creative when this is going on. 

There are two ways out in my world. Work harder until you see daylight (all the while not being a very fun person to be around – trust me, I’ve practiced this one a LOT). Not the best way. 

The second way is to pause, reflect and take new actions. Say no to what you can. Ask for help (ARGH, not that! – great lessons here) and lower the bar. When you take the second way, it produces better results. 


Sue HawkesThe Second Way #623