Before You Commit #624

by Sue Hawkes

Is it a cost or an investment?

When you think about spending money at home or in your business, what’s your mindset?

For me, I look at anything with both lenses. Both sets of questions help us gather information. The question is which prompts your most effective results.

Cost questions:

1. What other things can’t we do if we spend our time, money, energy this way?

2. If I am at this meeting, what other things am I missing?

3. What do I need to give up to make this work?

4. What will this limit?

Investment questions:

1. What do we gain by putting our time, money, energy here?

2. What becomes possible resulting from this?

3. What does this maximize or improve?

4. If I am at this meeting, what outcomes will I gain?

When overwhelmed, you may do well to use the cost questions. When creative and resourceful, you may benefit from the investment questions. You can also use both sets to assess your choices. You decide, either path leads to results. Are they the results you’re seeking?

The real question behind the questions…are you asking any of them before you commit?

Sue HawkesBefore You Commit #624