Don’t Drown In Oil #625

by Sue Hawkes

Recently, I was at a conference and the speaker shared that data is “the new oil.”

Are you drowning in data?

While I appreciate our ability to measure more and more through automation, gathering analytics and deciphering what it all means to make better decisions, I also know the biggest and best run companies I work with follow very few metrics.

I work with a company who measures only 6 key metrics. They are over 1.5 billion in revenue.

Most of my larger companies are the same. They made it through the minutiae and sorted out what was important from what was imperative.

Less is more.

Measuring too much dilutes your focus. When you think about what’s most important to pay attention to, it’s a handful of numbers.

That’s true of most things, distill it down or drown in oil.

Sue HawkesDon’t Drown In Oil #625