Redefining Yourself #630

by Sue Hawkes

Let me become a student of what’s possible.  

And let me become a student of what’s in the way. As the book says, the obstacle is the way.  

The question to ask is, “how do I become the kind of person to expect those results? What will it require of me: in my thinking, in my language, in my learning, and in my behavior so I become who I need to be while pursuing what I want?” 

That’s the real reward; not whether you get where you intended or not. That’s a bonus. 

It’s how you redefine who you are in the process of attaining what you want, and the results show up (or don’t). You’re more confident and enriched because of who you’ve become on the journey. 

You do not have results and then become successful. In the process of becoming successful and attaining whatever you set your mind to, you redefine yourself into the person who made it happen.  

And that is success. 

Sue HawkesRedefining Yourself #630