Making Up For Lost Time #633

by Sue Hawkes

We had the pleasure of going to experience live music last weekend. It was an incredible opportunity to remember the sensory pleasure of a driving bass lick pulsing through our bodies, the joy and energy created between the band and audience, and the sheer pleasure of reminiscing all that the music embodies in our lives. 

This concert was nestled between gatherings with family and friends at the lake, conversations, and laughter in abundance and sunshine galore.  

After three days, I felt like something had shifted in me. It was as if we reclaimed lost time, filled our emotional cups and reconnected to the importance of celebration and connection. 

Though the pandemic was long and challenging, our appreciation for the things lost is heightened and we are fully present. 

Are you making up for lost time? 

Sue HawkesMaking Up For Lost Time #633