5 Questions For Giving Feedback #638

by Sue Hawkes

Have you ever wondered why your communication fails?

There are some simple places to examine if you’re wondering why your feedback didn’t land with the receiver.

Consider this:

What’s my state of mind before, during and after the communication? If you think your message through, acknowledge any discomfort you have with the person you’re addressing (at the beginning of the conversation), it will likely go better.

How few words can I use to express my concern? That’s right, get it down to one sentence and get right to the point, don’t hedge and distill it down with your discomfort. 100% chance your message will get lost if you don’t do this.

What experience do I intend to create? Consider the feeling/mood/experience you want for yourself and the person you’re talking with. Your communication should be directed by this – you’ll shift your approach when you begin here.

What outcomes am I seeking? What specifically do you want as a result of this conversation? Begin here and work backward.

What actions will we take? Without actions, it was a nice conversation, expect nothing more. Taking different actions as a result of the conversation will ensure you’re on a learning path. There is a commitment to becoming better.

Sue Hawkes5 Questions For Giving Feedback #638