Building Resilience #644

by Sue Hawkes

“A leader, once convinced a particular course of action is the right one, must have the determination to stick with it and be undaunted when the going gets tough.” – Ronald Regan

My client brought me a gift today. I don’t know if Paul Johnson or Joel Tjepkes knew how perfect the book Lead Like Reagan would be at this time, but it certainly is.

The quote above is a gem and it exemplifies where I see many leaders right now.

In order to stick with it and be undaunted this year, you must pay attention.

Have you created at least an hour every week to gain perspective and check in?

If not, it may be time to create some space, breathe, decompress, and figure out what you and those around you need most.

You can’t stick with it and dig deep when your tank is empty.

Sue HawkesBuilding Resilience #644