65% To Goal (650 Blogs of 1,000) #650

by Sue Hawkes

Happy August!  

For those playing along, this is the summary I write every 50 posts sharing my lessons while writing a blog every day in my journey to 1,000. This began when I accepted Seth Godin’s challenge from this blog post

Right now, it’s flowing. Perhaps it’s the weather, time off and seeing friends in abundance? I’m unsure as just 50 blogs ago, it was a “slog.” Funny how things change. Every experience is temporary, I need to remember that. 

Lessons at this point: 

  1. It’s more important to do the work (write the blog, exercise, sleep, care for yourself) when you don’t want to, than when you do. Moving through comfort and convenience is a win every time. 
  2. Finding gratitude, inspiration and joy every day is a great way to begin and writing flows easier from that space. 
  3. Having a tough time? Help someone else.  
  4. Insights are everywhere, take them deeper. It’s not always about new or next, it’s how profound it can be to linger with the thoughts and feelings around the same lessons. 
  5. I write better in the morning. It flows, the ideas are there, and I enjoy it. This is a lesson for my best productivity every day. 
  6. Say “no” as often as possible. It’s beginning to free up my head space in significant ways. 
  7. Take risks you’re not ready for. Leap and the net will appear. 
  8. Most people seem “tender” right now. Be mindful of your words and actions. Listen more than you talk and see if you can empathize. Give them a soft place to land. 
  9. Do what you say. Keep your word. It seems this is a lost art at this time. 
  10. If you have the chance to connect with friends, do it. Make the effort. They may be waiting for you, and though we all love to be invited, initiate. You’ll be glad you did. 
Sue Hawkes65% To Goal (650 Blogs of 1,000) #650