Only Growth #677 

by Sue Hawkes

How much of my self-worth is tied up in what I do/produce? 

My immediate response: too much. 

In fact, it might be how I measure all my worth based on what I do/have done. 

The good news, I can change that. What if I tweaked my thinking to offer the world something more valuable? What if I changed my beliefs to creating the space for everyone around me to win, whether I “did” anything or not? 

By asking the question, I’m already in the process of undoing. 

The bad news, I am attached to all the things I do well. My journey now is to collect those around me to excel beyond anything I can do to such a degree I celebrate and champion them as my purpose. 

Which means, there is no bad news.  

Only growth. 

Sue HawkesOnly Growth #677