Transforming Thinking #678 

by Sue Hawkes

When things are challenging, do you dwell on them? 

Me too. At least some of the time. 

What can you do to reframe your thinking? You can begin by taking responsibility. Reframing your thinking is exactly that – owning the thoughts as your own, not the truth. 

Your experience in the world is only a fraction of what’s available – in fact, it’s only ever a minute fraction of all the information, experience, feeling, and thinking available.  

For me, that’s a freeing thought.  

When I’m bothered, stressed, or challenged, it means I care. I care enough for it to stick with me. If that’s the case, reframing the thoughts to a more productive reality will change the momentum, move me out of being stuck and back into forward action. 

Is it that simple? Yess! 

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Sue HawkesTransforming Thinking #678