It’s Rough Right Now #680 

by Sue Hawkes

Does anyone else feel like it’s rough right now?  

I do. 

It seems like the veneer is really thin for many people; me included. 

Finding ways to continue to know what renews my own resilience, compassion and care is trickier these days and frankly it seems to be changing. 

I’ve become more sensitive at times because I’ve absorbed more or less of other’s stress, seen too many or too few people, had too many deadlines – real or imagined. 

To continue doing the work I do, I must remain mindful of how I am thinking and feeling.  

Tending to my thinking first, ensuring I exercise, sleep, spend time outside, in nature on my own feeds my soul.  

Re-aligning what I need seems to be a moving target and making the time to care for myself is the first step to resilience. 

If that’s not enough, please join us November third for a two-hour personal reset, learn more here.

You’ll be better for it.  

Sue HawkesIt’s Rough Right Now #680