When I Forget #683 

by Sue Hawkes

Validation is underrated.  

When you are a knowledge worker like I am, it can be lonely. Not just running your business, but in validating that the content you’re sharing matters in any sort of way.  

As I create the blog, podcast, video, and new courses, I wonder at times if it matters. 

Does it matter beyond the discipline of doing it? Do people read it? Does it cause anything meaningful? Are people using the learning? Why am I doing this? 

Then someone calls, emails or texts me sharing some good news in their life that’s resulted from some of the content, and I feel so proud of them, it validates the time, energy and commitment I’ve made.  

Beyond that, it reminds me to keep doing it.  

The rewards are my own validation that I keep my word and am on my own journey to Intentional Greatness® in my business, as a leader and in life. 

Thank you to everyone who inspires and reminds me when I forget.  

I encourage you to open your eyes and ears when you forget. There’s a crowd waiting to remind you too. 

Sue HawkesWhen I Forget #683