Are You Really Leading? #692 

by Sue Hawkes

I’ve been working with this team for years and they sailed through their first day of planning. This was a first. They typically struggle to focus, but not this time. They disconnected from their electronics, and we took more frequent breaks – game changer!  

What I’ve observed with hundreds of teams is a simple, but profound strategy for better focused time together – act as if you were out of town with no internet. Put your phones and any other electronic leashes away and be here; fully present.  

When is the last time you focused with your workmates – online or in person? It actually saves time when you do so. If you can, don’t even check your phone or email on breaks.  

If that sounds ridiculous to you, consider this: if your team can’t handle the business for 16 hours without you, are you really leading? Perhaps this is their chance to step up, ask forgiveness (within reason), own the issues of the day and deliver results? What would that make possible for you, them and the business? 

If you’re so necessary, will you ever be free to maximize what’s possible? 

Sue HawkesAre You Really Leading? #692