The Great Elevation #694 

by Sue Hawkes

What if the “great resignation” was actually the single biggest opportunity for the “great elevation?” 

What if this time in history was an opportunity to realign ourselves with our highest and best use? To design and live successful, fulfilling lives inside and outside of work? 

What if instead of worrying about attracting talent, we magnified meaning at work by including more voices, amplifying the wins and celebrating what’s working and great about each other and our business? 

What if you woke up every day excited to do work you love with people you love, resulting in more energy at the end of the day, not less? 

What if you enjoyed your time at work as much as you enjoyed your time away from work? 

How can we create momentum to thrive, coming from a place where you’re truly at peace and in touch with yourself, where nothing anyone says or does bothers you and no negativity or drama can touch you? 

What would it be like to live every day by design adjusting ourselves with Intentional Greatness® in our business, as a leader and in life?  

Curious? Join us for our Smart Start November 4.

It will be worth it! 

Sue HawkesThe Great Elevation #694