Waiting Never Works #695 

by Sue Hawkes

Autumn in Minnesota is filled with transition.  

Green morphs into vibrant oranges, reds and golds, with crisp air opening and closing our days. It’s a time of anticipating sweaters while also hanging onto the lingering days of the summer. 

It’s a time where things speed up from the more relaxed pace of summer and speed into the holidays and the realization of Winter. 

Some find joy in all the pumpkin spice iterations, and we cling onto this season hoping it lingers to provide a sufficient “in-between” from summer to winter. It’s a thoughtful time, one where we can reset naturally or lament. 

Our focus can be reminiscent of what’s been, or it can be a time to look ahead to the new year approaching. 

What if we used it as a forwarding transition into what’s next? A time to finish this year strong and emerge into the new year feeling our best emerging powerfully already winning our lives? 

Waiting never works.  

Sue HawkesWaiting Never Works #695