Everyday Miracles #705 

by Sue Hawkes

When someone inspires you, take note. 

I had the joy of watching Ali run her third half marathon this year. She’s stuck with the training, not perfectly, but well enough to improve each time. 

She’s exceeding her goals at work and finding ways to reframe her thinking when it’s not forwarding. 

She’s taking time for herself; she’s enjoying great friends and opportunities. When I observe her, I’m in awe. There’s nothing quite like watching your kids excel in the ways that make them happy.  

Being there to celebrate the moments the people you love are at their best exceeds reaching any goals of your own, fills a part of your humanity that expands beyond self or others. It’s the opportunity to witness a miracle.  

It may be an everyday happening to some but observing your heart in the form of another while winning is pretty damn cool. It’s an everyday miracle in my world. 

I’m grateful to be present for it. 

Sue HawkesEveryday Miracles #705