Surprise Appreciation #710

by Sue Hawkes

When’s the last time you left a love note for someone?

That long, huh?

Well then, it’s time. Think of the last “surprise” note you received. How’d it make you feel? Pretty awesome, right? I sometimes leave a card for my husband when I travel. I usually tuck it somewhere for him to find after I’ve left. It might be a card under the pillow, it might be a post it in his lab coat or on his desk, or stuck to the bathroom mirror.

I did the same for my son in his coat pocket or lunch when he was a kid – and it makes a difference.

Day 5: The object of the game is surprise and thoughtful. You need a scrap of paper, a card, a post it or something simple – (if you need a postcard, reach us, we’ll send you one to send with postage paid). Think in simple terms of something you appreciate about the person – could be the barista where you get your coffee, your friends, neighbors, co-workers, or family. Leave a note somewhere unexpected to make someone’s day – maybe you need a note to yourself?

Thank you for playing along for Week 1! Please comment below with any observations, we’ve got 3 more weeks of growing gratitude.  

Sue HawkesSurprise Appreciation #710