There’s No Place Like Home #714 

by Sue Hawkes

Throughout the pandemic, our homes have been well more than our shelter.  

As I look at my home, what was once my least favorite room in our home is now my studio. It became a place to create, find comfort, pack up with my husband and dog at the end of the day and the space to work in new ways. 

When I look at my kitchen, the views offered peace throughout an uncertain time, a place to nourish ourselves every day and a laboratory to try new recipes using utensils handed down from my mom. 

When I consider all our home provided during the uncertainties of what was next, I am grateful for the space we have, the safety we felt and the beauty it provides every day. We’ve created our own sanctuary within and surrounding our walls.  

I am grateful every day for the space we call home every day. 

Day 9: When you consider your surroundings, what do you appreciate? What memories are evoked within your surroundings? What do you appreciate about your home? Pause to look, smell, touch, listen and feel what’s around you and what it offers. Return your observations with gratitude for their offerings. 

Sue HawkesThere’s No Place Like Home #714