Your Suit of Armor #717 

by Sue Hawkes

We have a body; do we appreciate it? 

If I had a dollar for all the time and energy I’ve spent criticizing my anatomy for being exactly how it is versus some way I wished it was, I’d be incredibly wealthy. 

I don’t know when it started but disliking the less-than-ideal body began in the early years. I learned to hate parts, wish things were different and even feel embarrassed about how I looked. When I look back, I thought I was doing well better than I am today and don’t know why I was such a harsh critic. 

Day 12: For today, spend at least 10 minutes appreciating your body. Consider all it does without your ego directing it, breathing, moving blood, digesting food, all your motor skills, thinking and feeling – your body is working right now as you’re reading. What can you appreciate, how can you look? Open your mind and love the suit of armor you wear daily – as it is. No changes necessary.  

Sue HawkesYour Suit of Armor #717