For The Tech of It #718 

by Sue Hawkes

When I think of all that’s occurred since March of 2020, it’s quite staggering. McKinsey states we experienced 10 years of growth in the first three months of the pandemic.  

Many of us navigated the bulk of it thanks to technology.  

It wasn’t without its hiccups, but overall, it worked and continues to redefine how we work and live. I’ve cursed it, been thrilled with it, been stumped by it and been frustrated with the glitches when I’m learning. Mostly, I’m grateful for the transformation our business continues to benefit from thanks to all the technology moving us forward and keeping us connected no matter what. 

Love it or not, it’s the centerpiece of our advancement. 

Day 13: Look around during your day. Take time to appreciate all the technology making our world work. Your appliances, car, cameras, phone, computers, office, television, sound system, clocks, thermostat, lighting, you name it….think of all the things technology makes possible and pause to appreciate all of it. Our businesses and lives would be vastly different without it. 

Sue HawkesFor The Tech of It #718