The Big Things #719 

by Sue Hawkes

Today, let’s pause for a minute.  

Who makes your life easier, nicer, kinder, and just plain better? 

Have you told them? Will you tell them?  

Little things you may take for granted – like the fact that my husband fills my gas tank to ensure I don’t have to do it. How cool is that? Also, I don’t have to empty the garbage or put salt in a softener.  

There was I time I did, and I still can. But it’s important to him that I don’t have to.  

The gift of the little things, that are really the big things. Everyday gifts – caring for the dog, making the bed, doing the laundry, fixing your computer, having your favorite treat, organizing the meal, groceries, and events. It’s all in the works. 

Celebrate them and let people know today – it matters! 

Day 14: Take time today wherever you are and let those around you know how much you appreciate the little things. These are the things it’s easy to overlook because they allow you to move faster, enjoy more, and do less because someone did more. Thank them.  

Sue HawkesThe Big Things #719