Relax, It’ll Be Okay #730 

by Sue Hawkes

Do you have trouble relaxing? Me too! 

Kevin tells me often there’s one thing I’m poor at – relaxing. He’s observed that the only time I truly relax is when we travel. When I’m physically away from home, I do a better job, not always perfect, but I certainly work less. 

He’s right. Resting and relaxing doesn’t happen easily with me. So, I’m learning.  

Thanks to many people much wiser than me, I’m working on creating space and relaxing. Learning to do less, chill out and not be productive with every waking minute. From a logical perspective, I get it. From a DNA perspective, it’s counterintuitive to me.  

Our pontoon boat helps. Setting up a 24-hour period where I don’t interact with anything digital or anything work related every week helps. The next step is to make those 24 hours grow to 48 hours. It’s all about progress, not perfection. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn, progress is slow. 

How about you? 

Day 25: Do you relax enough? Consider a period of time just for you today. Something unscheduled which brings you joy, makes you better and renews your spirit. Too many are depleted in this way right now. Can you create the space and appreciate yourself for all you do and don’t need to do at the same time?  

Sue HawkesRelax, It’ll Be Okay #730