Who Has Your Back? #731 

by Sue Hawkes

Teamwork. It’s so rare it’s like a superpower. 

With every team I coach, we define and deepen core values. Every team has one about teamwork. Every single one.  

Perhaps it’s because inherently we know we can do what I can’t. 

Perhaps it’s because we know we are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with – you know the adage that says you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with? 

Perhaps it’s because success is meant to be shared, enjoyed, and celebrated with people we love doing the things we love?  

Day 26: Today is a day to celebrate those people who have your back, amplify your greatness and compliment who you are and all you do. Let them know, realize what a gift it is to have a team, family, friend, colleague circle who makes you better and count the ways. You could be busy for a while! 

Sue HawkesWho Has Your Back? #731