It’s The Thought That Counts #733 

by Sue Hawkes

What’s fun for you? 

I love to surprise people. Whether it’s the little things for our holiday meals – each person’s favorite foods, a snack plate designed to look like a turkey or reindeer cookies, it’s fun to remind people you’re thinking of them when they don’t expect it. 

I enjoy creating experiences and gifts people don’t expect, that let them know I’m paying attention and thinking of them. When you listen deeply throughout the year, you can surprise people easily and it can be deeply touching when they learn you noticed a little something no one else would. 

When we moved into our home, Ali gave us a newly released Prince CD (Piano and a Microphone1983) as an anniversary gift. What made it special is the CD was created in his home on the lake we live on, and we’re both huge Prince fans. One year, Quinton gave me a model of my favorite car from college. It sits on my bookshelf in the office as it reminds me of so many good memories he captured with that replica. Summer found a Prince book shortly after he died and that sits in my office as well.  

None of these gifts are costly, however they are priceless. 

Day 28: If you’re thinking of gifts for the holidays, consider creating an experience for someone. A surprise visit, making them their favorite food, sharing a walk or meal, helping them with a chore or doing something around their space for them. Certainly, you can purchase gift cards or give money if that is most helpful, AND, there’s merit in the old adage “it’s the thought that counts.” 

Sue HawkesIt’s The Thought That Counts #733