Made Up Limitations #737 

by Sue Hawkes

Made Up Limitations #737 

When did you think that thought? 

I played competitive volleyball for almost 30 years. As you play, you accumulate injuries. At some point, it became too painful to continue. Though I loved the game, I decided I couldn’t play any longer.  

In fact, I determined I was aging and it wasn’t a good idea at all. 

So, I stopped.  

I didn’t challenge my thinking or consider the medical advancements occurring today. It was only when I challenged my thinking to consider I had closed the door on ever playing impact sports again that I opened the door to reimagine what could be if I didn’t decide there was no possibility other than stopping, which meant I was too old and there was no other option. 

Well, there are options, it’s whether my mind will let me consider them, and whether I’m willing to challenge my own thought limitations.  

It also caused me to consider where else I close possibilities in my life because of some made up limitation.  

How about you? 

Sue HawkesMade Up Limitations #737