Time to Take a Break #744 

by Sue Hawkes

In my travels and work this time of year I have the honor of working with leaders to improve their team health. Let’s just say 2021 has been a doozy. 

As you make the time to take a break over the end of year, please do exactly that: take a break. 

We’re tired. Not just some of us, all of us. 

Too many are real, raw, and frazzled. 

Whether winning or challenged in business, it’s time to step back, breathe and recalibrate. 

This year it’s less about New Year’s resolutions and more about meaning and purpose. 

I encourage you to use this time to reflect, renew and refresh. 

Most of us have doubled down on “figuring it out” and it’s time to rest. 

It’s time to take a break.  

Sue HawkesTime to Take a Break #744