Be The Solution #747

by Sue Hawkes

“What can I help you with?”

What a great question. It opens the door to learning, partnership, and collaboration.

Many years ago, when I was in a state of overwhelm, I called a friend to talk and in the process of doing so I broke down in tears. She patiently listened and when I finished verbally vomiting on her, she asked “how can I help?”

It was so simple. Liberating and at the same time I remember feeling undeserving of help, especially since I felt better just having had her listen.

She waited.

I asked her to take some things on in my company and she became my work partner.

Unwavering, service oriented, and a great partner.

In asking the question, doors opened, and my world changed.

Who could you be a solution for?

Sue HawkesBe The Solution #747