2022 Will Be Lighter #749 

by Sue Hawkes

New year, new you. 

Tired of that meme? Me too. 

We embrace an artificial reset every year – at least many people do – when the year and the holidays move us to a new number on the calendar. 

For me, I embraced this years ago, and didn’t question it until it was habit.  

What I love about it is the time I take off this time of year to reflect and reset my thinking, evaluate what’s working and not, and challenge the way I’m moving through life at work and home. 

This year will involve changing some time-tested things, I’m reducing and simplifying.  

The areas on the chopping block include people, time, and material goods. More to come after seven days of evaluating and purging. 

2022 will be lighter for me. 

Sue Hawkes2022 Will Be Lighter #749