7 Truths to Consider #757 

by Sue Hawkes

Seven truths to consider in your journey to designing 2022 on your terms: 

  1. These hard times, this pain, these lessons – one day they’ll be your strength, your awareness, your blessings, pay attention. 
  1. Stop expecting honesty from people who lie to themselves. Watch as closely as you listen. People show you who they are every day. 
  1. You’ll never look good trying to make someone look bad. Enough said. Be kind and rise. 
  1. Save your explanations for those that are determined to understand you – give your silence to those that are determined to misunderstand you. Your answers are with you, no one else. 
  1. Your life is too short to be unhappy 5 days a week in exchange for 2 days of freedom. Design the life you’re waiting to live and begin the journey. You’ll be better for it. 
  1. Don’t be upset by people you don’t respect. They won’t know or care you’re upset anyway. 
  1. Life is not tiring. Wanting life to be a certain way but not having the confidence to make it that way is tiring. Begin your journey now – we can help.  
Sue Hawkes7 Truths to Consider #757