Great Questions Do Three Things #760 

by Sue Hawkes

“Most serious mistakes are not being made because of wrong answers. The truly dangerous thing is asking the wrong question.” Peter Drucker 

As a leader, making the time to ask the best question is critical.  

Often, when I’m rushed, my schedule is full, or I’m over tired I don’t ask great questions which leads to the wrong answers.  

Slowing down to think, rest, and make space in your calendar allows you to ask great questions. Great questions get to the root of the issues – they aren’t focused on solving the superficial elements.  

Great questions do three things:  

  1. Provide insight on what the actual problem is that needs a solution. 
  1. It simplifies what’s going on and makes it solvable. 
  1. It expands the number of possibilities available to improve the situation. 
Sue HawkesGreat Questions Do Three Things #760