I’m Taking My Time #762 

by Sue Hawkes

Settle for more. 

I have a piece of artwork up that says that very thing. It reminds me to be disciplined with doing less to have more. More time, more space, more enthusiasm for life and what I bring to it. 

With the increase of owning time as my ultimate wealth, everything else flows from this thought. 

With an abundance of time, you can increase all other wealth – health, money, recreation and more. 

How do I use this finite wealth?  

As I evaluate and measure how I use my time, it’s a sobering reality. I am awakened to my own waste, hypocrisy, and conflict. 

As I take note and become more aware, I am making changes. Certain habits, people and efforts need to diminish or be eliminated at work and away from it. 

I’m taking my time and everything flows from there. 

Sue HawkesI’m Taking My Time #762