Perfection Never Worked Anyway #774 

by Sue Hawkes

New year, new you.  

We’ve all heard it before, is it really? 

I don’t think so. 

When we pause to realize we’re in charge of what’s possible every day of the year, it takes pressure off resolutions, perfection, and the challenges to be something we may not currently (or ever) be. 

It’s that time when many chuck their resolutions as a nice idea one more time. 

What if you looked and saw all that was working?  

What if you already know and are mostly there? What if it’s a matter of reducing the challenge of it to 5-10 minutes and begin a winning streak of whatever “new” behavior you’re seeking? 

As you consistently recognize your progress, the habit forms. 

Lower the bar and you’ll win the game in time.  

It’s okay…perfection never worked anyway. 

Sue HawkesPerfection Never Worked Anyway #774