A One Minute Gift (Please Read to the End) #776

by Sue Hawkes

Hello all. Today is my 57th Birthday. I’m inviting you to a Giving Game where we all win.

I’m grateful for every day I have the fortune of waking up healthy, happy, and connected. I haven’t always said that. Thank you to every person (YOU) who takes the time to read and connect.

I have an ask today. It will take 1 minute or less of your time. I’m asking for what will make this 57th trip around the sun most wonderful and enjoyable for me. Will you please consider contributing? My hope is we receive at least 57 unique contributions. It’s corny, but that’s how I roll.

For those of you who know me, you know I love efficiency and life hacks. We’ve created a link for you to offer one (or more, we won’t limit you, just want this to be easy to do) thing that makes your life easier. It could be a thing you do, a product, or a service. Preferably it takes little time, is simple, and brings joy and ease to your life.

That’s it. Don’t overthink it, I’ve got 5 examples below to get your mind working…no pressure, a simple gift that will connect us and make me think of you every time I use your suggestion. Do it now, don’t wait; you’ll be on to other things!

Here’s the reciprocity: We’ll take all the suggestions, clean them up, and share them with you. More to come on how that will work – that’s the game part. We all win when we share things that make life easier, more efficient, or bring joy.

Thanks for making a birthday wish come true!


  • Egg soufflés using a silicone cupcake sheet – they take 10 mins to make and feed you all week. Healthy, tasty, and easy!
  • TikTok 1-minute recipes – easy, I love using these and follow some pretty great people, like: @thatdudecancook – fun, delicious, educational, and entertaining!
  • Travel packing cubes – the simple way to pack more efficiently – for those of us committed to only using a carry-on for a week or less of travel, they are a game changer
  • Productivity timer – for managing time to keep energy high and “box” your time for more energy, focus, and efficiency in specific increments
  • reMarkable2 – the single best tech device I own – simplify and go paperless with it and here’s a gift from me if you decide you need one!

See – it’s that easy! Thank you for blessing my life.

Sue HawkesA One Minute Gift (Please Read to the End) #776