From The Inside Out #779 

by Sue Hawkes

I have a favorite tee shirt. I found it last year and it’s become my theme shirt. 

It says, “Be YOU, they’ll adjust.”  

I’ve purchased a few for important people in my life, and whenever I wear it, people comment, stop me, and ask where I got it.  

I think many of us are fatigued with norms we’ve adopted which no longer fit. 

One of the many gifts of our disrupted world is the opportunity to evaluate what makes sense from an authentic place. A place where it fits who we are instead of what we’ve believed the world expected. It’s a richer, more textured and variety filled place. 

It’s easier here. 

I’m aligning my world from the inside out. 

Maybe this is the point? 

Sue HawkesFrom The Inside Out #779