Share The Love #781 

by Sue Hawkes

Valentine’s Day. Galentine’s Day. S.A.D. Day (Singles Awareness Day). It all commences on February 14th.  

It’s my friend Cindy’s favorite holiday, and it’s any other day as well. 

Despite its dark history, we know this day to be marked by flowers, chocolate, and trinkets expressing love for many. Hallmark reinterpreted it from the reinterpretation offered by Chaucer and Shakespeare in the early 19th century.  

Whatever you do today, I hope you give and receive love.  

For me, it’s a day set aside to remind people to send love notes to all their friends and family. 

I’m beginning there and hope you will as well.  

Consider passing on a text, note, email, or call (video or old school) to people who matter to you today. I’m hopeful we can extend enough love to make a difference. 

Join us?  

Sue HawkesShare The Love #781